How To Get A Date In Time For New Year’s

Around this time of year, a lot of single people start complaining about the fact that they’re single and don’t have anyone special to exchange presents with or kiss when the ball drops. But single people should stop being sad and start exercising the wonderful opportunity they have for picking up dates during the holiday season! Or so says Joseph Matthews, the author The Art of Approaching, who specializes in teaching men how to meet the women of their dreams. He has some ideas for doing that during the holidays, and we don’t think they’re guy exclusive, so let’s take a look…1. Be A Friendly Flyer: “Every time you see a woman waiting for the same flight as you, take the time to start up a conversation with her.”

We Say: We’d talk to a guy who struck up a conversation with us. Airports smell funny, so distractions are always welcome, provided the guy isn’t creepy.

2. Last Minute Shopping Is Better Than A Bar Or Club: “Just go to any mall or shopping center during the holidays, and you’ll find it packed to the brim with women trying to finish buying their gifts.”

We Say: Ahhhhh! We still have to buy presents for our mom and one of our sisters! We’re going shopping pronto, but we might be too busy to talk to anyone, unless they can provide excellent gift ideas.

3. Online Shopping Isn’t Just For Buying Gifts: “When people hop online to shop for Christmas gifts, that means they’ll probably hop online while they’re at home to help pass the time — and if they’re feeling lonely, they’ll usually take up internet dating by going to an online personals site.”

We Say: We haven’t gotten any new “winks” from potential suitors this week, and a friend told us it was because guys were too busy with holiday parties and family stuff to be interested in meeting new people online. This idea is crap.

4. Exploit Family Hook-Ups: “If there’s one thing you can usually count on, it’s that your family knows a lot of great prospects for dating.”

We Say: We think we know all of our family friends already. Or dated them in high school.

5. Partake In Holiday Activities: “People love to take part in activities during the holidays, whether it be caroling, arts and crafts, or charity functions. If you take part and are active in these types of events, this is a great way to meet people.”

We Say: Maybe if we were finished with our Christmas shopping, we’d have time to do stuff for other people — like caroling??? — but we have to go find original, thoughtful gifts now! Bye!