Which Story Was The Scoop Of The Week?

A ton of major celebrity news stories broke this week. Demi Moore finally admitted she was giving Ashton Kutcher the boot! Justin Bieber is no one’s baby daddy! A nation was robbed of a rightful Sexiest Man Alive! But what was the scoop of the week? Vote for your pick after the jump…

  • On Monday, Kat Von D wrote a long screed on her Facebook page acknowledging ex-fiance Jesse James had cheated on her … with 19 women. Nineteen! We knew the guy was vile, but 19 other women in year? That’s ambitious.
  • On Wednesday, People announced their pick for the Sexiest Man Alive … and it was Bradley Cooper. Ryan Gosling fans were outraged, Bradley Cooper fans went into hiding, and I remained smug in the knowledge that my boyfriend is too good for that nonsense anyway.
  • Also on Wednesday, Justin Bieber’s alleged baby mama, Mariah Yeater, dismissed her paternity lawsuit against the singer after leaked text messages between Yeater and a friend suggested she made the whole thing up. 
  • On Thursday, Demi Moore officially announced that she was divorcing husband Ashton Kutcher. This came a little more than a month after it came out that Kutcher had cheated on Demi (possibly not for the first time) with a girl in San Diego on his wedding anniversary. Eek. 
  • Today, the police re-opened the investigation into Natalie Wood’s death and the captain of the Splendour (the boat she was on the night she died) appeared on the “The Today Show” to talk about what he says really happened that evening. Most shocking of all? He blames Wood’s husband, Robert Wagner. 

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