Today’s Lady News: Judge Scolds Mom For Breastfeeding In Courtroom

  • Michigan mother Natalie Hegedus was sitting in the back of a courtroom breastfeeding her son when a bailiff spotted her and wrote a note to the presiding jude. When the judge called her up, the judge then asked her if she thought it was appropriate to do that. She told a local TV station that the judge responded “something to the effect of ‘It’s my court, it’s my decision and I do find it inappropriate.'” What a douche! Breastfeeding is exempt from public indecency laws in Michigan, as it should be. [Huffington Post]
  • A transgender woman who was suspended for using the women’s bathroom at Fort Collins High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, has transferred schools. Dionne Malikowski was born a male and now identifies and dresses as a female. The school required her to use the teachers’ bathroom to avoid controversy, but Dionne used the women’s bathroom instead because not being allowed to do so was discrimination. [The Denver Channel
  • Behold, a line of sex toys that look to the naked eye (heh heh) like lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara. Hooray for discretion! [Fashionista]
  • On how sex workers are portrayed in pop music. [Tits & Sass]
  • Asian food importer Nishimoto Trading Company in Southern California has agreed to pay $400K to 71 women who accused the company of sexual discrimination. [


  • Slovakia has been ordered by the European Court of Human Rights to pay damages to a  Roma (gypsy) woman who was sterilized after the delivery of her second child without her informed consent. [Human Rights Europe]
  • Check out this Muslim girls’ basketball team in India. [Guardian UK]
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