“The Ricki Lake Show” Set To Return In 2012

And now for the best news I’ve heard all day! Ricki Lake has announced that after a nine year absence from the boob tube — during which she birthed some babies at home without drugs, got divorced, and appeared on “Dancing With the Stars” — her talk show will be returning to television next fall. Go, Ricki! Go, Ricki! Find out what she has planned for her return to TV after the jump…

Ricki told  Entertainment Weekly:

“I want to spark ideas and conversations and inspire people to take active roles in their communities, relationships and their well-being.  I have definitely grown as a person since I put down the mic in 2005, and I couldn’t be happier to share and continue the journey with both my existing fans and an entirely new generation of women.”

Wait just goddamn second. Is Ricki implying that her new show will be more mature this time around? Who does she think she is, Oprah? I want female sex addicts! People in love with their cousins! Newlyweds betrayed! Foxy private investigators! Proud male prostitutes! Surprise drag queens! Is it too much to ask that my favorite trashy talk show queen stay trashy? No, Ricki! No, Ricki! [Entertainment Weekly]