Fashion By The Numbers

This week’s top style stories include manly coyote hats, ill-advised breast reductions, a surprisingly affordable auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry, and a peek at a top secret superstar wedding dress. Read on for the numerical breakdown!

3: Years since Beyonce and Jay-Z’s wedding.

0: Number of non-wedding guests who have gotten to see Beyonce’s wedding dress … until now.

100,000: Number of people who have signed a petition asking E! to cancel “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

160,000: Number of people who have signed a petition asking the federal government to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and allow marriage for all.

25: Different ways to wear a scarf you’ll learn from watching this video.

34DD: Sofia Vergara’s current bra size.

34B: Size Sofia Vergara’s bra might be, had she listened to an idiotic publicist who told her to get breast reduction surgery.

20: Price, in dollars, of a pair of Snooki brand sunglasses (which apparently rattle like maracas and have a special hater-blocking mechanism).

299.95: Price, in dollars, of a coyote mountain man hat.

4 Million: Amount, in dollars, for which The Situation is suing Abercrombie & Fitch for politely asking him to stop wearing their brand.

8: Number of hair ties you’ll need to give yourself a sweet “faux mo.”

2: Number of free condoms you’ll receive with the purchase of a surprisingly cute Lifestyles Condom makeup bag.

50/50: Chances Eddie Bauer meant to make a “dick in the box” joke with one of their mannequins.

24: Hours customers waited outside H&M stores to get their hands on new pieces from the Versace capsule collection.

30-40: Percentage by which Versace for H&M items are being marked up and sold on eBay.

950: Number of items from Elizabeth Taylor’s accessory collection that will be sold in an online auction starting December 3rd.

100: Estimated selling price, in dollars, for a pair of her Chanel ear clips (what a deal!).