20 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

This year, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, The Frisky staff is going to be sharing our lists of what we’re thankful for. Amelia shared on Thursday  and now Jessica is up next…

I’m thankful for …

1. … learning how blessed I am to have friends, loved ones, acquaintances, and even strangers on the Internet  who care about me. This past year, I’ve gotten emails from people I don’t even know sending me uplifting messages and support. It’s humbling like you wouldn’t believe.  

2. … the bestest best friend in the world, Christiane. She lives halfway around the world from me, but is always here for me when I need her. (And I am always here for her!)  She is like a sister to me and I love her to death. She’s the blonde in the photo above! 

3. … my sisters Allison, Joanna and Catherine, and my brother Christian, who love me and accept me for who I am and always have my best interests at heart. I realized that this year more than ever before. I’m so lucky to be your little sister.

4. … my mom and dad, who taught me this year that you’re never too old to still need your Mommy and Daddy. That that’s what they are they’re for.

5. … all the baby panda pictures and videos on the Internet. All of them. Thanks for all the squee!s, you guys.

6. … meeting my new favorite musician, Ellie Goulding, when she came into the BuzzMedia offices yesterday. That was almost as amazing for me as holding a baby panda. Almost.

7. … my good health. Even though I still had a trip to the ER over the summer when I got a chemical burn on my eyeball. Come to find out, eyeballs are actually rather resilient.

8. … Hulu, Netflix, Overdrive, FlipBoard, Twitter, and my ridiculously-addictive Google RSS feed, for constantly keeping my brain entertained and informed. 

9. … dodging a humungous bullet. You know, that bullet.

10. … knowing that the clichés “this too shall pass” and “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

11. … Lexapro and my therapist. You deserve three stacks worth of entrees.

12. … finding new love with a new man who puts butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face. And a little something-something somewhere else.

13. … deciding to keep the relationship with that new dude private.

14. … being able to move in with my parents in Connecticut for three months when I needed to get back on my feet. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

15. … eventually moving into a new “single girl” apartment back in New York City with an awesome roommate (and John Devore right down the street). 

16. … all the yummy food I ate this year, but especially the rice balls. God bless the barefoot and pregnant Italian woman who thought to put ragu sauce inside a ball of rice and deep fry it.

17. … my new iPhone 4s. It’s a thing of wonder.

18. … The Frisky being purchased by BuzzMedia and being able to keep my job — which, by the way, is the best job ever. I can write about everything from my favorite Benefit beauty products to feminist issues to wanting to get spanked by Michael Fassbender. I’ve even learned to laugh at the hate mail.

19. … having the best boss in the world. Amelia is really the greatest. I don’t know what I’d do without her, either. Even though she refused to hold my hand when I got a Brazilian bikini wax. What, you don’t go get Brazilians with your boss?

20. … Clive Owen. Had the Pilgrims been able to foresee the steely grey eyes, strong jaw and sexy brooding stare of this demi-god, they sure would have stayed in England.