Versace For H&M Inspires Fights In China

People, people, people. I know we all love a good deal, but is it really necessary to engage in physical fights with one another over H&M designer collaborations? That’s exactly what happened at one H&M location in China on the release of the new Versace for H&M collection. Chinese shoppers began lining up yesterday afternoon at several Shanghai locations, and a few savvy (and wealthy) shoppers paid placeholders to hold their spots in line overnight. Annnnd that’s where the trouble began. Apparently some of the professionals didn’t handle it too well when someone tried to cut in front of them this morning.

And, just so you know, a good number of those waiting it out on line were actually men, who admitted they were simply going to grab items from the collection and resell it online (hello, eBay). Meanwhile, don’t plan on actually wearing any of that stuff out on the street — designer Donatella Versace doesn’t actually want to see regular women wearing her creations. What a snob! [NYMag]