Today’s Lady News: Egyptian Blogger Posts Nude Pics Of Herself

  • Egyptian blogger Aliaa Maghda El-Mahdy, age 20, is posting nude pictures of herself on her blog as political protest about women’s sexuality and censorship. Aliaa calls herself a “secular liberal feminist vegetarian individualist Egyptian” (i.e. hella cool) says she challenges Eypgt’s “censoring of our knowledge, expression and sexuality.” Rock on, sister.  [The Daily Beast]
  • The best new feminist characters on TV are men. Give us more of ‘em, I say!  [TIME]
  • “I need more evidence” and other dismissive things dudes say that probably make them a “mansplainer.” [Feministing]
  • Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) introduced a bill yesterday to to require both military and civilian personnel to staff a Sexual Assault Oversight and Response Office to oversee and care for victims of rape in the military. []
  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says abstinence-only sex ed creates jobs. [Mother Jones]
  • Does porn that women like (presumably because it’s made for both women and men to enjoy) make men uncomfortable? [Slate]
  • Black dudes discuss black women’s hair on Dr. Drew’s show “Life Changers.” [Madame Noire]
  • The dwindling economy has caused a dip in birthrates, most prominently in teens and women in their early 20s. We’ve had the lowest numbers since record-keeping began in the 1940s. [Washington Post]
  • First Lady Michelle Obama will serve as honorary chair of the 2012 Women For Obama campaign initiative. []
  • The use of medication to treat ADHD by women has doubled in the past decade. This may be due to the fact that ADHD is generally diagnosed in childhood, and it’s symptoms, most prominently hyperactivity, are not as prominent in girls as they are in boys. []
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