Today In Bad Ideas: Man Stages Hate Crime To Prevent Divorce

All L.B. Williams wanted to do was save his marriage. So he did what any loving husband would: No, not go to counseling or attempt to romance his estranged wife with flowers and chocolates. He burned a cross. In his own front yard. See, Mr. Williams came up with the brilliant idea that his wife might be more amenable to staying together if he staged a hate crime.

Williams, who is black, came home one day with his wife Donna, who is white, and found a cross burning in the front yard. A note was taped to the door, signed “From the KKK” warning Donna that she’d better stay with her husband. That alerted her that something was slightly amiss. After all, since when “did the KKK start supporting black and white, interracial marriages?” Good question, Donna!

Williams later admitted to setting the fire and leaving the notes. Which was pretty obvious to Donna, since he hadn’t exactly bothered to hide his handwriting, either. He was charged with domestic violence, stalking, and exhibits that intimidate. And oh, Donna’s still going ahead with her divorce. “He truly is a good man. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t do drugs and he works like a dog,” she said. “We just can’t be together.” [Panama City News Herald]