14 Super Awkward Celebrity Ex & Other Woman Run-Ins

There are something in live that I would like to be witness to, but from a distance and with a pillow to cuddle for comfort and hide my face behind. According to Grazia (via Page Six), Jennifer Aniston recently had a “tearful” meeting with her new boyfriend’s ex. Aniston has been dating Justin Theroux for a few months now and the two are said to be serious, but Theroux was either just leaving or just recently out of an 11-year relationship with Heidi Bivens. Considering Aniston famously saw ex-husband Brad Pitt leave her for Angelina Jolie, it seemed strange that she would take-up with a guy who was already spoken for, and she has denied that there was any overlap. Alas, that is probably not of any comfort to Heidi, who is said to be heartbroken about the split.
So what went down on their little date? According to a source, “Jen told Heidi that she understands what a painful time she has been going through and explained that she wanted her to know, hand on heart, that she would never steal another woman’s man. … Heidi apparently got quite tearful during the meeting, as it was understandably a lot of take in.” [Page Six]

Hmm, at first I was, like, “How dare Jennifer Aniston impose herself upon this woman to explain her side? The only person who should be explaining himself is Justin.” But then again, having been through a remarkably similar situation myself (my ex left our nearly 5-year relationship and immediately took up with another woman), I wouldn’t have minded hearing from my ex’s new chick. I was wondering what she was thinking anyway, why not get the truth (hopefully) from the horse’s mouth?

Regardless of how smoothly it went, talk about awkward. I do not envy Jennifer, Heidi, or any of the other celebs involved in awkward meetings and run-ins in this slideshow.