Stupid Rave Leads To Dolphin Casualty

I like pretty much everything more than I like raves, but I also like pretty much everything less than I like dolphins. One of my favorite sea creatures (I have many), dolphins are intelligent, loyal, and adorable. They are also highly sensitive to noise — they probably even lay claim to the best hearing in the animal kingdom. Connyland Marine Park in Lipperswil, Switzerland crossed the line when they permitted an out of control two-day rave to take place just yards from its dolphin pool. Animal activists showed up in an attempt to dissuade the park from allowing the dance party but to no avail. All of the ten dolphins showed signs of stress from the thumping beats, but an eight-year-old dolphin called Shadow was particularly affected by the deafening music. The animal was acknowledged as appearing extremely “distressed and disoriented” after the event, and was later found dead. I hope it was worth it for the park — how cruel. R.I.P., Shadow. [The Sun UK]

Update: While zoo personnel originally thought that the loud music had caused Shadow’s death, it is now believed that the dolphins were fed drugs by the ravers. Two days after Shadow died, a second dolphin passed away after a drawn out, painful, and horrendous death. A dolphin expert from the marine park said, “I do not think [they] died of natural causes. I think our dolphins have been poisoned.” So sad. [Daily Mail UK]