“Breaking Dawn”‘s Director On Whether Bella Is A Feminist Role Model

“I don’t know about “role model.” But I do think she’s an incredibly strong female character, who has a sense of what she wants, and what’s right, and goes after it. I find her extremely heroic in this movie, because she is thinking about sacrificing any kind of sense of safety in the service of something that she thinks of as more important than herself. But that’s just the physical thing she goes through. And then in the second part of it, when she turns into a fierce kind of warrior vampire goddess. It’s an extraordinary kind of journey for this character who started out in such an ordinary way.”

Bill Condon, who directed “Breaking Dawn: Part 1,” answers the age-old question about whether Bella is “good” or “bad” for women. Look, I’m as interested in depictions of women in pop culture as the next feminist. There’s no question that these narratives influence us to varying degrees. With that being said…

 I am really, really, really tired with questioning whether every female character is “feminist” or not in a way that men are never subjected to. Why doesn’t anyone ask whether Edward is “feminist” or not? (FWIW, I say he is not.)  He’s one-half of this relationship, too. Why is the onus completely on Bella’s decisions, emotions, reactions, etc.? Why is it just women’s lifestyle choices which get scrutinized when it comes to the feminist litmus test? I’m just so sick of it and definitely not looking forward to yet another round of The “Is ‘Twilight’ Feminist?!” Game with the new movie coming out.  [io9]

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