And The Winner Is … The Most Awkward High School Moment!

Earlier this week, we asked you to tell us about your most awkward high school moment for the chance to win a copy of Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2. It was hard to choose a winner considering how awkward you all were. Check out the winner’s very uncomfortable high school tale after the jump.

Michelle Lee wrote:

It was my very first day at a new school and the start of my junior year. I had finally worked up the courage to ask a girl who was sitting all by herself if I could have the empty seat next to her. I had this movie montage in my head, where she would say “of course” and we would bond over our mutual love of Fritos — then that would lead to shopping trips where we would build teddy bears together and basically be BFF’s. Instead, she glared at me, just standing there pathetically holding my lunch tray, and coolly replied, “Um, no.”

I was so mortified that I shoved my lunch into my new gap purse and had the brilliant idea to eat in the bathroom. (I know, I know — it was not the most hygienic of ideas). I was congratulating myself on the brilliance of my plan, happily munching on Doritos in the privacy of my own handicap sized stall (once again, I know this is a “no-no,” but it was the only stall that I could really spread all my stuff out in — books, food, etc.) when all of a sudden I hear a bunch of girls coming into the restroom and I freeze. I hear more and more girls entering and a line began to form. I started to hear chatter about the girl in the handicap stall “taking her sweet time” and I decide that I need to make my exit.

I remember to flush and everything to create the illusion that I had been in there on official business and as I make my way to the sink, the girl who was in line for my stall says, “Uh, is this your bag of chips?”

Thanks for sharing, Michelle Lee! To redeem you prize your prize, email me at [email protected]!