Would You Wear: Sequined Shorts?

You know in movies when a character is so deep in thought they wander around the city completely unaware of their surroundings, stepping in front of buses and scattering flocks of pigeons? That was me yesterday, pondering sequined shorts. As a diehard fan of sequins, I love every sparkly trend, but sequined shorts bring up so many questions. Are they a sassy new option to pair with tights for holiday parties? Is it possible to wear them without looking like an escaped castmember of Chicago? If your thighs rubbed together would it produce a metallic grating sound? I might need to meditate for awhile to find some answers.

So what do you think? Do you own a pair of sequin shorts? Any plans to rock them this winter? [Chelsea & Violet Sequin Shorts, $88, Dillard’s]