Today’s Lady News: 7-Year-Old Girl Publishes Book About Obesity

  • Props to seven-year-old LaNiyah Bailey, who published her own children’s book about obesity called Not Fat Because I Wanna Be. LaNiyah has been obese since birth and now weighs over 100 lbs. Her book is about being taunted and teased at school about her weight. [Clutch Magazine]
  • A grocery store called Wegmen’s Wegman’s in Rochester, New York, covered up Adele’s cleavage on the front of the December issue of Cosmopolitan because, you know, boobs = slutty. []
  • Watch GOP presidential nominee wannabe Rick Perry dodge a question on anti-abortion “fetal personhood” amendments. [Think Progress]
  • Having a Gay-Straight Alliance at school makes gay and lesbian students happier and less depressed. Who’d have thunk? [Queerty]
  • Thirteen super-creepy gender-bending Jokers. Heath Ledger would be proud. [BuzzFeed]
  • An interview with “New Girl” creator, Liz Meiwether. [Sexy Feminist]
  • Oklahoma City’s city council has approved employee non-discrimination protections for gays and lesbians in city government. [Think Progress]
  • Frisky contributer Courtney E. Martin on how to sustain the future of the feminist blogosphere. (Hint: open your wallet. Double hint: here’s a good place to start!) [The Nation]
  • Dan Savage is being accused of using a slur against trans people, but he says he only used the word “shemale” when reading the question as it was written by a listener. When responding to the listener’s question, Dan says he used the word “transexual” in place of “shemale.” [Queerty]
  • Apropos of Katie Roiphe’s crappy op-ed about sexual harassment in The New York Times this weekend, blogger Amanda Marcotte asks, are workplaces where you’re allowed to make others uncomfortable really more fun? [Slate]
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