Keep Herbs Fresh & On Display

As a single gal, cooking for one is fun, but there’s a problem: many ingredients aren’t sold that way. Herbs, for example. So many great recipes call for fresh herbs, but in small doses — unfortunately, they’re rarely sold in small amounts at the grocery store. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to toss excess herbs that have dried out or gone rancid after only a few days of sitting in the fridge. Such a waste. If only there was an easy way to keep herbs fresh that didn’t involve rigging a makeshift greenhouse in your refrigerator. Oh wait, there is! This set of three herb pods from the Spoon Sisters stores your herbs and keeps them fresh for up to three weeks. Plus, the windowed design put them on display, which would totally give my fridge — which is mostly stocked with Diet Coke and hot sauce — a dose of pretty.