Is This A Real Alien Corpse Or Total BS?

Behold photos of what Russian woman, Marta Yegorovnam, is claiming to be an alien corpse that she kept on ice for the past two years. Marta says she discovered ET (who incidentally looks more like Slimer from “Ghostbusters”) at a 2009 UFO crash site near her summer home where she rescued it’s frog-like body from a mess of “unbearably hot” metal. Instead of calling the authorities, she threw the creature in her fridge to preserve it. Yes, naturally. What’s that rancid smell in your fridge, Marta? Oh, it’s just the rotting alien corpse I keep in there. Don’t mind it. Allegedly, the creature was confiscated last week for investigative purposes. Interesting.

OK, I’m taking bets. Real or hoax? I say, HOAX! What say you? [Daily Mail UK]