Iowa Baker Refuses Lesbians Their Wedding Cake

I consider myself a Christian and nothing pisses me off more than when people are bigoted a**holes and couch it in “Christianity.” Yes, I’m talking about you, Victoria Childress, baker in Iowa. Victoria was courted by a lesbian couple, Trina Vodraska and Janelle Sievers, to prepare a wedding cake for their June nuptials. But during a taste-testing session on Thursday afternoon, Victoria realized these two gals weren’t sisters or friends but [stage whisper] lesbians! That’s when Victoria said, as she told local news station KCCI, “‘I’ll tell you I’m a Christian, and I do have convictions.’ And I said, ‘I’m sorry to tell you, but I’m not going to be able to do your cake.'” Just like what Jesus would do.

Trina and Janelle, the brides to be, told the baker that was “fine” and that they appreciated her honesty. But in retrospect, they admit they were just shocked. Now Trina says the whole experience was “degrading” and they feel “chastised,” when all they were trying to do was buy a wedding cake (and, you know, give her business).

But Victoria Childress is not apologetic.  On the contrary, she told  KCCI:

“I didn’t do the cake because of my convictions for their lifestyle. It is my right as a business owner. It is my right, and it’s not to discriminate against them. It’s not so much to do with them, it’s to do with me and my walk with God and what I will answer (to) him for.”

I don’t have a direct line to God, but I know he or she doesn’t condone bigotry.  Last time I checked, Christianity was about acceptance and love. People like Victoria Childress disgust me. Just admit you are a bigot and don’t cloak it in your religion.

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