Penn State Scandal: Even The Devil Is Disgusted

  • The Devil appeared on “Saturday Night Live”‘s “Weekend Update” and quit his job upon learning the details of the Penn State scandal. Because people who rape children (and people who protect child rapists!) are the kind of evil even the Devil wants nothing to do with. [Hulu]
  • Did you know that Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant football coach who is accused of child sexual assault on eight minors, was released on a mere $100,000 unsecured bail? Which he doesn’t have to pay unless he fails to show up for a court hearing? And that, despite the prosecutor’s request, he doesn’t have to wear a leg monitor? Hmm, wonder if this gentle treatment has anything to do with the fact that the judge, Leslie Dutchcot, is a volunteer with The Second Mile? You know, the children’s charity that Sandusky set up and used as a way of meeting his victims. [Deadspin]
  • A friend of mine — also the husband of one of my dearest friends and the father of my favorite honorary “niece” — owns a very popular swimming school for children in New York City. He has written a compelling blog post about what responsibility coaches hold both on and off the field (and in and out of the pool). [Cap And Goggles]
  • Civil suits against Penn State are imminent. [The Daily Beast]
  • Sadly, Penn State is not the only school to so poorly handle having a sexual predator in their midst. This weekend, it was revealed that the Citadel did not tell police that there were allegations of child sexual abuse against one of its graduates. In 2007, a camper at the military school’s Summer Camp told school officials that Louis Neal “Skip” ReVille, a counselor at the camp five years before, had invited him and another boy to watch porn. Though ReVille reportedly didn’t touch them, he did encourage the boys to masturbate with him. The Citadel conducted an internal investigation on ReVille — then a respected cadet — and then dropped the issue without telling police of the allegations. Last month, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting five boys and it’s believed that even more charges will be filed. The Citadel now says the regret not pursuing the issue further and reporting it to police. [CNN]
  • Lest you think the kids that rioted over Coach Joe Paterno’s firing represent the views of everyone at Penn State and in State College, PA, on Friday, thousands came out for a candlelight vigil honoring victims of sexual abuse. [Centre Daily]
  • A survivor of sexual assault inflicted on him as a child shares his story and responds to the Penn State scandal. [Huffington Post]
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