20 Reasons Why Long-Distance Dating Can Totally Rock

When most girls (or guys) hear the phrase “long distance relationship,” the words that come to mind are: miserable, horrific, sad, heartbreaking, not worth it—did I mention miserable? Permanent long distance relationships can be difficult and painful, but I can tell you from experience, a little separation isn’t always a bad thing. As long as you and your guy can get together every few weeks, long distance can absolutely rock. After the jump—20 reasons why it does.

  1. You always have something to look forward to
  2. You can schedule in lots of “me” time
  3. You can avoid “girlfriends feel neglected” syndrome by spending more time with the ladies
  4. Hot phone sex
  5. You don’t have to be constantly worrying about shaving/waxing/looking perfect down south
  6. There’s much less to fight about
  7. You have time to plan fun dates, and get super pumped for them
  8. You have plenty of time to shop for, and put together, cute outfits to wear on your spaced-out dates
  9. You know you’re going to get laid when your dude (or you) comes home
  10. Absence makes the heart (or the private parts) grow fonder
  11. You’ll never feel suffocated by your SO
  12. If taking birth control pills, you can manipulate Aunt Flow to come to town when your guy can’t (please only use this tactic when desperate/in moderation)
  13. You can focus on work
  14. You can write each other romantic love letters (if you’re the mushy gushy type)
  15. You can flirt without him cramping your style
  16. You’ll have no other choice but to make the time you do spend together fun and drama-free
  17. You can write (or at least relate to) sweet long-distance love songs like “Hey Delilah”
  18. You can have passionate, make-out-filled goodbye sessions
  19. You can save money by not going out to dinner and movies all the time
  20. You’ll have fewer, but better, orgasms