Let Me Write Your Online Dating Profile!

After spending more than a decade writing about relationships and yacking about them on the radio, I’ve decided to try and make money doing something I’ve been doing for friends for years: writing and editing online dating profiles!

If you’re single and you know me, you know I’m a fan of the online dating. I met my boo that way, along with a good friend, several freaks and a bunch of great guys I just didn’t hit it off with. It’s not just me, either. Most of the weddings I’ve attended have been the result of online dating. And even when it’s not a love connection, it’s an adventure.

Inexplicably, when I proselytize to my single friends, I’m often meet with resistance. “I’m sure it was good for you, but I could never do that!” is my personal fave. Especially when the person saying it hasn’t had a date in years.

I’ve discovered that a lot of that resistance stems from being intimidated by all that white space on the profile. Not everyone feels comfortable writing about themselves, so that’s where I come in. I’ll work with you to craft a profile that’s both entertaining and intriguing, but also conveys the real you. We’ll figure out who you’re looking for and how to appeal to that person. On a more practical note, I’ll advise you which pictures to keep and which ones to delete. I can’t guarantee you’ll find love, but I will get you one step closer.

And for this week only, you can buy my services at an introductory discount on Lifebooker.