“Breaking Dawn” Director On Bringing A “Gay Sensibility”

“What is a ‘gay sensibility’? It’s just a sensibility, but part of who you are is that you’re gay. So in a way, yes and no — you know? Now I’ve got to read it and hear what he said. But you know, I think what’s legitimate about it is that the thing that’s really remarkable about ‘Twilight,’ to me, is that it’s not necessarily about teenage boys’ concerns. Certainly that’s an aspect of it with Jacob and the wolves and all that, but it really puts things that are more explicitly female center-stage in a tent pole that a ton of people go to see. I think probably that stuff interests me more than another comic book action movie might, or blowing up trains and things. So in a way, I can see that that makes some sense.”

— “Twilight”‘s Kellan Lutz is probably never allowed to talk to the media again after he said openly gay “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” director Bill Condon brought a “gay sensibility” to the film. In fairness, Kellan was talking to The Advocate, a gay lifestyle magazine. But Movieline pressed Condon about the “gay sensibility” line and this was his kind of jumbled and indirect response. But it’s nevertheless interesting that from a Hollywood blockbuster point of view, a film not being about “teenage boys’ concerns” is the anomaly — and therefore it’s not really weird that a gay man is directing a film for teen girls. (Whatever. We always thought those werewolves were kinda homoerotic.)  [Movieline]

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