This Week In Sex: The World’s Largest Bra Is A Size 1222B, Plus A Size Queen Shares Sex Tips

  • The world’s largest bra was unveiled as part of a “Wear It Pink” campaign. It’s a size 1222B. That boulder holder would fit a whole lotta boobie. [HuffPo Weird News]
  • Monogamy might be too much for us to expect at this point in the evolution (or devolution?) of relationships.  [Your Tango]
  • Check out these over-priced sex toys if you are extremely rich and/or prefer your dildos made of solid gold. [Cracked]

  • All you ever needed to know about doing it with a guy with a huge penis. Size queens, rejoice! [Ask Men]
  • More stupid sex myths like “women have fewer orgasms than men do” debunked! Well, I guess it depends on the man who’s giving them.  [Your Tango]
  • Penis-in-vagina sex may be overrated, although I suspect people aren’t going to stop doing it any time soon. [College Candy]
  • A new study says that it ain’t easy being a bisexual babe. [Your Tango]
  • Nobody likes those awkward. post-sex moments. Here’s how to avoid them. [Ask Men]
  • Yay! A bunch of hot, shirtless men to get your weekend going in the right direction. This slideshow is best enjoyed with a glass of wine. [The Berry]
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