Penn State Scandal: Victim 1’s Mother Speaks, McQueary Not Coaching On Saturday & Did Sandusky “Pimp” Boys To Wealthy Donors?

It’s clear from the response we received in the comments to yesterday’s piece on the Penn State scandal that people have strong feelings on the topic. I’m going to keep writing about any new developments as the story continues to unfold. 

  • The mother of Victim 1 (the first victim to come forward and report Sandusky to police) appeared on “Good Morning America” this morning, and said that her son, who was 11 at the time the abuse started, told her of the abuse Sandusky inflicted, “I didn’t know what to do … you just can’t tell Jerry no.'” [ABCNews]
  • Assistant coach Mike McQueary has been the recipient of multiple threats and the university has thus decided that he will not be coaching on Saturday when the Nittany Lions play against Nebraska. Many are calling for McQueary — who, as an assistant graduate coach in 2002, reportedly saw Jerry Sandusky raping a young boy in the locker room showers — to be fired because although he told Coach Joe Paterno about what he saw, he also did not report Sandusky to the state police. Paterno was fired on Wednesday night for his role in the scandal. [Huffington Post]
  • The university is encouraging those who plan to attend Saturday’s game to wear baby blue in honor of the victims, but TMZ reports that multiple sources have told them that the football team is telling friends and family to wear white in honor of ousted coach Paterno. I am really hoping this isn’t true. [TMZ]
  • A local PA sportwriter named Mark Madden said that he has heard a new development is about to break in the case and implied that it involves Sandusky pimping out young boys to wealthy donors. [Mediaite]
  • A grassroots group of PSU alumni are showing their support for victims of sexual abuse by pledging to raise $500,000 for RAINN in honor of the victims. Find out how you can help at the link(s). [ProudToBeAPennStater, RAINN]
  • A little background on the District Attorney who decided not to pursue charges against Sandusky in 1998 — and then mysteriously disappeared in 2005. [HLNTV]
  • Finally, here are four pieces that I found especially compelling: The New YorkerThe Daily Beast (written by Buzz Bissinger, the author of Friday Night Lights); The American Prospect; and The Nation.