Kim Kardashian’s Butt Gets Dragged Into The Divorce

To add to the tornado of gossip that Kim Kardashian’s divorce has ushered in, there are now claims that her soon-to-be-ex-husband Kris Humphries has “evidence” that Kim pads her famous butt! Dun, dun, duuuun! The “evidence” is reportedly a pic or a vid on his cell phone, says The National Enquirer. If only we could see her unclothed bottom and judge for ourselves, because it’s not as though Kim runs around in string bikinis or poses nude for Playboy.

A “source” says that while Kris loves Kim’s rounded rump, he reportedly told pals “it takes a lot of work for Kim to make her bottom look as good as it does [and] she uses ‘booty pads,’ Spanx and other things to enhance it.”  Note that that is a quote of the “source” quoting Kris — really, it’s the height of investigative journalism here. Another gem of quote in the report revealed that Kris would “pat Kim’s bottom and say, ‘Your sure have a lot of junk in your trunk.'” Gasp! She’s probably never heard that before.

Come on people. While I can only pray there is a photo of Kim in some ridiculous butt-enhancing garment, it’s certainly not the source of her curves. A Brazilian butt lift, which uses fat injections in lieu of implants to enhance roundness, is the most likely culprit if any — and it wouldn’t leave any evidence if x-rayed. Or, heck, maybe she just works her glutes a ton. Do we really care?