Herman Cain Jokes About Anita Hill, Because That’s Appropriate

Poor Herman Cain just can’t catch a break, can he? Why, he can’t even make a joke about Anita Hill without those screeching harpies telling him it’s inappropriate to joke about sexual harassment when you’ve been publicly accused of sexual harassment yourself! Just because at least five women have accused the wannabe GOP presidential candidate of getting handsy doesn’t mean he still can’t crack jokes about getting an endorsement from Anita Hill, the professor who famously accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. What a victim!

According to The New York Times, which posted video of the exchange, an audience member in a Michigan crowd on Thursday asked Cain about Anita Hill. Cain responded — jokingly — “Is she going to endorse me?” His spokesman later confirmed it was indeed a joke. But hells bells, talk about an empathy gap. 

Meanwhile, Cain’s lawyer, L. Lin Wood, has warned that any other women coming forward with sexual harassment allegations “should think twice.” Which, uh, sure sounds like a threat to us. Women already know that if we speak up about sexual harassment we’ll be called “bitches,” we’ll be called “ugly,” we’ll be told we were “asking for it,” and our bankruptcies and past lawsuits will made public knowledge, thank you very much.  That’s the way it goes: as sure as douchebags threaten us from coming forward, we know how it goes once we do. The two women who have already been made public with their names attached (Sharon Bialek came forward of her own volition in a press conference with lawyer Sharon Bialek; Karen Kraushaar was identified non-consensually by The Daily newspaper) know this all too well.

It would do L. Lin Wood good — and Herman Cain, obviously — to read the statement released by Karen Kraushaar in response to all the mud-slinging and take it to heart:

“Anyone should be able to report allegations of sexual harassment without fear that their lives and careers will be put on public display and laid open to public scrutiny.”        

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[New York Times]

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