Fashion By The Numbers

This week brought us a (not so) Secret fashion show, shopaholic cities, supermodel sisters, and smuggled shoes. Read on for a roundup of the style stats…

7: Estimated wingspan, in feet, of Victoria’s Secret model Isabel Goulart’s lingerie parasail thing.

9: Days before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that model Adriana Lima stops consuming solid foods.

12: Hours before the show that she stops drinking liquids.

30: Weight, in pounds, of model Alessandra Ambrosio’s gold wings.

15: Weight, in pounds, that model Chanel Iman reportedly gained to be curvy enough for the show.

2: Number of awesome women who publicly stated this week that intelligence and an interest in fashion are not mutually exclusive qualities. (Thanks, Anna Wintour and Mindy Kaling!)

207,000: Proceeds from Kate Winslet’s new makeup line, in dollars, that will be donated to charity.

13: Age of Kate Moss’s sister Lottie, who recently posed for a test shoot with photographer Andrea Carter Bowman.

500: Price, in dollars, of a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels.

70,000: Price, in dollars, of each pair of cocaine heels smuggled from Colombia to Spain in a $630,000 drug smuggling ring.

18: Price, in dollars, of a handmade “Pugs Not Drugs!” passport cover.

6: Height, in inches, of Jared Leto’s vertical hairdo, the crowning achievement in his Most Terrible Ensemble Yet.

2000: Estimated number of times I have shaved my legs.

1 in 10: Chances, despite my vast experience, that an ordinary leg shaving will turn into a bloodbath.

263: Amount, in dollars, Washington, D.C. women spend on clothing per month, the highest average in the nation.

0-50: Amount, in dollars, spent on clothing per month by 44 percent of Frisky readers who took our survey.