Style 911: What Do I Wear With A Purple Body Con Dress?

I love these tight mini dresses with sleeves that are everywhere right now but I\’m unsure of how to stylize one. What would I wear with a purple one? I want to wear tights because its cold! Could I color block it with some gold tights? But then what kind of shoes? Help!–Lisa

Should you pair a purple body con dress with gold tights? In a word–and I mean this in the nicest way possible–NO. Okay okay, technically you can, but we wouldn’t recommend it, unless you’re performing in a parade, or auditioning for cheer squad. Instead, we’ve paired your purple dress with a completely different color palette–and we hope you’ll like it. As for the shoes, go for something with a not-too-high heel. Body-con is already mega-sexy, and if you wear a really high heel you run the risk of looking tarty. Check our selections after the jump! 

Kimchi Blue Lace-Up Cone Heel Boot, $69

Opague Tights, $12

Olive Leg Warmers, $12

Golden Goose Brown Leather Belt with Golden Bow, $270

Volcom Therma Latte Cardigan, $65

A note on the legwarmers–we like the idea of scrunching them down around the boot to add some interest to your calves. Don’t wear ‘em all stretched out like knee highs!

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