Hot Links: 10 Things You Don’t Want To Say When Having Dinner At Your Boss’s House

  • Having dinner at your boss’s house? Here are 10 things you probably shouldn’t say. For my employees, I’ll add an 11th: “I hate dogs.” [The Grindstone]
  • Can telling your significant other that they’re fat be a sign of true love? What if your SO is seriously obese and giving it to them straight could motivate them to get in shape and save their own life? [The Stir]
  • Tomorrow is 11/11/11 — here’s why it might not be such a great day to get married … not that any of you who actually are set to wed have time to change your plans. [Huffington Post]
  • “Glee” covered Adele on last night’s episode; what do you think of their rendition of “Someone Like You”? [TooFab]
  • Can diseases be sexy? Adult Swim thinks so, and they’ve found eight that qualify. Pica? Really? [Adult Swim]
  • There are few things cuter than a photo of an animal yawning. How about 30 photos of animals yawning? [theBERRY]
  • The gals over at College Candy have been ghosted before — so have we! — and they’ve asked a dude to explain what’s up when dudes pull the disappearing act. [College Candy]
  • Six common dating and sex myths busted, among them, “Men want to sleep with more people than women do.” [Your Tango]
  • The guys at AskMen have put together a list of ways that men can stand out when online dating, but I think it would be nice of us to make some suggestions of our own. Got any? [AskMen]