Get Your Drinkify On!

Lushes and music lovers (that’s all of us, then?): go ahead and add Drinkify to your list of fail-safe time wasters (if you have one; I do). The website is brand new, having been created over the weekend at Music Hack Day in Boston, and ooh, it is cool and I could do it all day long. Plug in what you’re listening to, or what you’re not listening to, or what you wish you were listening to, and Drinkify will respond with a choice of alcohol to pair perfectly with your musical tastes. For example, got a little Nina Simone on the stereo? Pop open a bottle of cabernet and serve at room temperature. Pearl Jam? Crack open a can of PBR. Meanwhile, Adele has her own specialty cocktail, made up of vodka, coconut milk, and honey. Yum! Cheers!