Evening Quickies: We’re Obsessed With The New Cee Lo Song, “Anyway”

  • Cee Lo’s new video for “Anyway” just came out, oh, five minutes ago and we are already obsessed. [YouTube]
  • I, for one, am glad that Kendall Jenner chickened out on her tattoo. First of all: she’s 16. Second of all: that is not proper French. Don’t do it, Kendall! [Us Weekly]
  • Ms. Moss, part deux? Kate’s 13-year-old sister Lottie has officially dipped her toes in the modeling pool, and the results are unsurprisingly quite beautiful. [NYMag.com]

  • Seventeen questions about “American Horror Story.” [NYMag.com]
  • How do you help a friend that you think may be suffering from an eating disorder? An expert answers. [The Daily Muse]
  • If anybody is going to make effective anti-meth PSAs, it’s Darren Aronofsky. I mean, have you seen “Requiem for a Dream”? [Dlisted]
  • Madonna says that straight men did not find her attractive growing up. [Us Weekly]
  • Here’s a roundup of 15 leopard pieces that will add some ferocity to neutral autumn dressing. [Refinery29]
  • The American Mustache Institute has officially dropped its support of presidential hopeful Herman Cain. Thank God. [Crushable]