Mississippi’s “Fetal Personhood” Amendment Fails

That’s a relief.

Mississippi voters failed to pass an anti-abortion “fetal personhood” amendment, which would have defined the beginning of life at conception and therefore criminalized all abortions — including those resulting from rape or incest. Initiative 26, as the ballot measure was known as, also would have criminalized IVF treatments and some forms of birth control because they both involve fertilized eggs. If it had passed, MS would have had the strictest restrictions against abortion in the country.

The amendment’s chief architect was Personhood USA, a non-profit Christian organization from Colorado that promotes the passage of anti-abortion laws; however, even some religious figures in MS didn’t support Initiative 26.

In response to this wackadoodle amendment being shot down, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s reproductive freedom project told CNN, “Even in a conservative state, tonight’s vote reaffirms that people do not want government intruding in personal decisions best made by a woman, her family and her doctor.”

Damn straight. [CNN]

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