Domestic Inspiration: French Kitchen

Growing up, my mother always decorated our home in a Provençal fashion, so I have an inborn love of the elegant style. I’m also infatuated with the idea of a French kitchen, though my culinary skills are limited to microwavable rice in a packet. In my opinion, there is no culture more inspiring than the French. I’ve never been to France and I don’t know many French people, so my idea of the country is more of, say, an educated approximation than a real understand. But so what, I say.  Whether you’re making a bowl of cereal or a delectable coq au vin (in which case I will be right over), you can have a touch of the blue, white, and red in your home too with these dining and kitchen wares. Let that le drapeau tricolore fly!

1. Chef’s Essential Apron, $7.95, Anthropologie

2. Rooster Glasses, $21.99 for set of four, Target

3. Bistro de Paris Porcelain Bowls, $29.95, ParisienSalon

4. Decorative Ecru Wall Clock, $24.99, Target

5. Wallpaper Butter Dish, $24, Anthropologie

6. Cow-Shaped Porcelain Creamer, $8.39, Target

7. French Olives Oval Platter, $31.98, Target

8. Sel aux 3 Poivres Provencale, $17.95, French Collector

9. Antique Red French Toile Dinner Plate, $19.95, Amazon

10. Blue Toile Tissue Napkins, $12.50 for 40, Amazon