Water Filtering Goes Sleek

It had never occurred to me that a water filter could be both functional and cool looking. A few years ago, I chucked my water filter because it took up too much valuable real estate in my fridge and I was convinced it had stopped working. I was content with the finding (or maybe urban legend) that the Bronx has some of the cleanest water in the country, so I figured I’d be alright. Then I noticed my refrigerated water had a weird taste and I suspected the plastic bottle I used repeatedly wasn’t meant for such use. That’s why I’m now on the Bobble wagon. The recently launched Bobble Jug has changed how I drink tap water. Not only is this water filtration pitcher sleek enough to fit in the door of the fridge, but it also holds a large amount of water and filters three times faster than other filters. Plus, drinking tap water means there are less single-serve water bottles in landfills. So the Bobble Jug is a sleek, sexy, and sustainable win for us all.