Today’s Lady News: NY Post Columnist Suggests Cain Accuser Is Too Pretty To Be Credible

  • New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser tore into Sharon Bialek, the first woman to come forward with a face/name while accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment. Why, the attractive blonde is so pretty that she must have been asking for it and/or making it up for more attention!  [The Stir
  • In honor of Election Day, Complex magazine published a list of “The 50 Hottest Women In Politics,” with descriptors like “slutty” and “big-boobed.” Klassy. [Name It Change It]
  • Mississippi is voting on a “fetal personhood” amendment today, which would criminalize all abortions by declaring a fertilized egg as a “person.” Yesterday, while speaking to a crowd, a woman named Cristen Hemmis who was kidnapped, raped and shot twice asked Lt. Governor Phil Bryant, who supports the amendment, to have “sympathy” for women like her. Phil Bryant’s reply? He told her the personhood amendment was a “battle of good and evil of Biblical proporitions” and that if abortion remains legal, “Satan wins.” Yes, he said this to a woman who was KIDNAPPED, RAPED, and SHOT. I give up. [Think Progress,]
  • HPV may raise a woman’s risk of developing heart disease, in addition to putting us at risk for cervical cancer. [The Atlantic]
  • A “Desperate Housewives” guide to TV’s most tired childbearing tropes. (Spoiler alert, duh.) [Bitch Magazine
  • Check out all the kickass lesbians, gay guys and trans folk honored in Out magazine’s Out 100, a list of the most influential people who identify as LGBT. [Out100]
  • Ohio’s Republican Govenor John Kasich wore a polo shirt from the Pine Valley Golf Club, one of the few golf clubs in the United States that does not admit women. [Think Progress]
  • Planned Parenthood launched a campaign today to target anti-abortion and anti-women’s health politicians running in the 2012 election. [Feministing]
  • An anti-abortion bill backed by the Russian Orthodox Church is attempting to restrict a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy. Russia currently has the world’s highest abortion rate. [Reuters]
  • Gender segregation is gaining ground in Israel. [Washington Post]
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