Do You Live In A Shopaholic City?

Quick! Do you live in Bakersfield, California? Do you spend an inordinate amount of money on shopping each month? That’s no surprise — you’re just doing your part to keep up with your friends and neighbors, because Bakersfield happens to be one of the most shopping addicted cities in the country. According to a new study from Bundle, Bakersfield residents spend an average of $201.50 a month on clothes, shoes and accessories. But that’s nothing compared to what Washington D.C. spends. D.C.’s residents are top shoppers on the list, spending an average of $263 a month on fashion. Geez, you guys! Surprisingly, fashion capitals New York City and Los Angeles didn’t even crack the top ten 10. Click onward to find out who did. And tell us: about how much do you spend on clothes per month? Answer in our poll, after the jump! [Bundle]

1. Washington D.C.: $263 (all figures per month)

2. Arlington, VA: $254.58

3. Nashville, TN: $251.17

4. Scottsdale, AZ: $243.17

5. Dallas, TX: $228.58

6. San Francisco, CA: $227.42

7. San Jose, CA: $221.17

8. Seattle, WA: $221.17

9. Austin, TX: $213

10. Bakersfield, CA: $201.50

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