Adriana Lima Reveals Her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Diet/Starvation Plan

Wow. Adriana Lima has revealed how she preps for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and it sounds … sucky. Adriana works out with a trainer every day, lifting weights, boxing, and jumping rope — which sounds normal for someone whose body is their livelihood — but beginning three weeks ago, she’s been exercising twice a day in preparation for the show. And that’s not the worst of it: Adriana regularly sees a nutritionist who measures out exactly what she must consume to stay alive but also keep her thin. This tasty diet means nine days before the show, Adriana cuts out solid food entirely and survives off of protein shakes. Twelve hours before the show, she stops consuming liquids.

I’ve always entertained the thought that being a Victoria’s Secret Angel might be kind of fun. But the truth is, I’d much rather embrace my love handles than drink egg powder shakes for an entire week and sweat my ass off twice a day.

Adriana, don’t you know about all of the delicious things you’re missing out on? Girl, call me after the show and we’ll hit up Wendy’s!

[New York Daily News]

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