5 Recipes For Lazy People

Gather round children and I shall share with you the secrets of the world’s laziest cook. That’s me! I come from a short line of lazy chefs. Namely, my mom, whose favorite prepared meal is Fritos and onion dip and my dad who makes a mean cereal and milk. Needless to say, I am self-taught in the kitchen. My cooking limitations became more troublesome after a series of breakups with boyfriends whom I persuaded to cook for me left all alone to fend for myself for every meal. I had no option but to learn how to become a kick ass lazy chef. I usually end up dining out or getting take out — ideal for the eater willing to exert minimal effort. On the rare occasion that I feel moved to cook (I do possess a preternatural feel for building flavor) or I am forced to prepare a meal (like if I just got sex or I’m trying to!), I have a few go-to meals that I can easily prepare using my one pan, three bowls, set of dull steak knives, and the other pathetic contents of my kitchen. Allow yourself to be dazzled by my never-before-seen collection of lazy people recipes. Bon appetit, lazy peeps!