Alleged NYC Subway Groper Caught (And Was Turned In By His Brother!)

Last week, we were kvelling about Shyane DeJesus, a 22-year-old college student in New York City who fought back when she was groped by a man while waiting for a subway. And she didn’t let the guy who lifted up her dress and slid his hand under her skirt get away when a train arrived: she followed him on the train, punched and kicked him, and shoved her Blackberry in his face to snap pictures. “I’m glad I fought back. I’m going to defend myself,” she told the New York Post. “I want him on the list for sex offenders.”

Well, it seems like Shyane DeJesus might just get her wish. The alleged subway groper, Froylan Andrade, 39, was arrested on Sunday after he was turned in by his brother.

After the story about Shyane DeJesus’s sexual assault and the Blackberry photos she took of the attacker ran in New York City newspapers, Froylan Andrade’s brother made an anonymous (or, it was anon) tip last Tuesday to the police. He said that the attacker in the photos worked at a restaurant called Spring Street Natural in the SoHo neighborhood and that he rode the 7 train to and from his home in Queens. He also provided the cops with his brother’s home address. 

Froylan Andrade was scooped up last night and identified by Shyane DeJesus in a lineup. He has been charged with sexual abuse and is expected to be arraigned today. 

Congratulations, Shyane, for your bravery and your gumption. Let this incident — from the sexual attack to the ass-whooping to the arrest to prison (one can hope) — be a lesson to the other creeps out there that women will fight back. 

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