6 Things We Wish We Had Now

Every year older brings new privileges. The obvious perks are voting, drinking, growing boobs and losing our curfews. However, with these new privileges consequently comes the loss of old privileges. There were many things we took for granted as kids that cause us to look back on our carefree lives and think “I wish I was a kid again.” The obvious childish perks that have left our daily schedules are things like homework and nap time, but here are six more things that we once had as kids but wish we had now.

1. Bathing With Boys: Sure, we can still do this now, but we have to be cautious of the repercussions. As a kid, I took baths with every boy on my block and was never called a slut.

2. Movies Always Having Happy Endings: As soon as you leave the PG rating, things don’t have to end happily. I feel horribly deceived by the title “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.” I definitely wish I’d read a synopsis before watching what I thought would be a lighthearted film. Read more…