“The Kids Are All Right” Getting The Prequel Treatment From HBO?

The movie “The Kids are All Right” was a huge critical and audience hit in 2010, so we’re psyched that the film — about a lesbian couple raising teenagers conceived via the same sperm donor — is being turned into a TV show on HBO. But in an interesting turn, producer Celine Rattray told New York that the series adaptation will show the characters lives both before and after the events of the film. Originally slated as a continuation, Rattray says that all five characters — the two moms, the two kids, and the sperm donor dad — will return, though, “right now, we’re figuring out if we show what happens with the meeting in the movie.”

With a fresh cast (you mean Annette Bening and Julianne Moore are too busy/good for TV?!), and ambiguous shuffle of the plot line, it seems the show may be a separate creation altogether — which would be a good thing. HBO is not alone in its prospects, as the world of gay-parenting-television is currently in flux — Sean Hayes and Ryan Murphy are each creating a sitcom focusing on the subject. Not that Rattray cares, telling New York,  “Ours is HBO, so it will be more risqué. It’ll be fun!” Let’s hope so. They could always go the “True Blood” route and have constant, unnecessary nudity. Never fails! [NYMag.com]