Evening Quickies: Kate Middleton Might Be Pregnant (Or Might Just Dislike Peanuts)

  • Kate Middleton politely refused to taste peanut paste from a UNICEF aid package being sent to African countries suffering from famine, which has people speculating that she’s pregnant. Ever consider that peanut paste just looked or smelled nasty? [US Weekly]
  • Kim Kardashian emailed family members before filing for divorce and TMZ claims it obtained a copy of the email. Kimmycakes supposedly wrote, “I know this seems crazy … I’ve spent the last few months struggling with my marriage. Kris is a great guy but we come from such different worlds and he isn’t what I thought when we 1st met. I’m embarrassed that I took everyone on this journey with me and had this huge wedding. But I have to be happy, so I have to let this relationship go.”  [TMZ]
  • Ricky Martin is purchasing citizenship in Spain so he can legally marry his boyfriend, Carolos Gonzalez Abella, with whom he has twin three-year-olds. [Queerty]
  • What do spinsters wear? Best. Shopping. Guide. Ever. (Besides all of the Shopping Guides on The Frisky, of course.) [The Gloss]
  • The woman who accused Justin Bieber of fathering her three-month-old son also accused her ex-boyfriend of being the father of the same kid last year, says the ex’s grandma. [TMZ
  • Jennifer Lopez is set to play Carmen Sandiego in a live-action version of the game, “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?” You guys, that was my favorite when I was a kid! [The Gloss]
  • Just how “unavailable” is “unavailable” enough? [YourTango]
  • Why might Herman Cain’s sexual harassment accusers want to keep silent? [The Daily Beast]
  • Meet Merrill Markoe, a lady comedy writer who has penned laughs for everything from “Laugh-In” to “Sex and the City.” [The Hairpin]
  • Better rethink wearing that glittery eye shadow and purple eyeliner to the office; a new study says the makeup you wear to work influences how people view your competence. [The Daily Muse]
  • Jamie Foxx’s sister DeOndra is an ambassador for folks with Down syndrome. [People]
  • If cats could use Instant Messager. [Louis Vs. Rick]
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