Dating Don’ts: How Not To Cancel A Date With Lady

I find one of the most stressful parts of dating to be the whole “scheduling” thing. When you’re on the dating scene, one thing you learn very quickly is that every person seems to have a different idea of how dates are made … and broken. Because I am a type A, very busy schedule, everything planned, values manners kind of girl, I get bristly when cancelled on rudely or abruptly. A few weeks ago, a bloke sent me a text two hours before our date saying that he couldn’t meet up because “his friend needed him.” Who even knows what that means? Not that I cared. I was just pissed because I could have gone to yoga and I didn’t have my mat with me! I understand that things come up. I’ve even had to cancel dates myself. But there is a proper way to cancel a date with a lady, especially if you intend to see her again in the future. After the jump, some date canceling etiquette for the kind and conscientious man.

Do Not: Make a lame excuse. Honesty is always the best policy. Don’t tell a woman that your grandma passed away (or your friend needed you) if really you scored some last minute tickets to see your favorite band with your buddy (or got back together with your ex). A reasonable girl will happily reschedule so that you can attend your ex show.

Do: Suggest an alternate time to meet. The best thing you can do when canceling is come armed with rescheduling options. It shows your date that you are still interested in pursuing her.

Do Not: Wait until the day of to cancel unless it’s an emergency. If someone really did die (or something of that magnitude), cancel whenever you want. That sucks. Any lady who holds that against you is an asshole. In all other cases, try to give some notice so that we have time to make other plans or prepare to catch a yoga class.

Do: Remind the lady that you are looking forward to the date. If you’re truly interested in someone and have to cancel, it never hurts to remind her that you’re excited to see her for your forthcoming cup of coffee. Duh.

Do Not: String a woman along if you never intend to go out with her. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you don’t ever intend to go out with me and I am just a number in your phone to boost your ego, please leave me alone. Tell me you’re not interested or that you’ve recently rekindled the flame with your ex or that you are an adult baby and only want to date other adult babies. Just tell me if you’re never planning to go out with me. Please. I can handle it. I promise. I will appreciate you not wasting my time.

Do: Remember to say, “I’m sorry.” Make sure to make a sincere apology however you choose to communicate the cancellation. I personally don’t mind a text or an email but some chicks like a phone call. Say, “I’m sorry.” Those two little words go a very long way. Politeness in general goes a very long way. I know the Golden Rule is cliche, but it’s the Golden Rule for a reason: IT WORKS.

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