Courtney Stodden’s Mom Is Working Hard For That “Mother Of The Year” Title

“These people that say, ‘You could have waited,’ I really don’t understand this way of thinking. Why do parents think that kids need to have those teen years spent going out with different boys, going out in different cars, going out on the beach together alone? There’s a lot of bad stuff that happens in those teen years. They end up being killed in car crashes due to driving with people that have been drinking. Oh, but they’re gonna have their teen years. My daughter is safe. I know where my daughter is.”

Krista Keller, mom to teen bride Courtney Stodden, spoke to The Daily Beast about her daughter’s marriage to 51-year-old Doug Hutchison. Consider me not surprised in the slightest that Courtney’s mom has such a bizarro perspective on not just her daughter’s marriage, but the world. Sounds like in her view, the only viable outcomes for Courtney were death or a marrying a man more than three times her age. College? Imagine how dangerous that must be!

Speaking of Doug, Krista totes approves:

“I could really tell my daughter had the kind of love when you want to marry a man or be with a man. Even though she was just 16, I knew it was going to take a pretty big man to handle her because of her sexuality and because of the attention she gets.”

And according to Krista, Courtney is getting the most positive attention from the gay community, who treat her like she’s the second coming of Anna Nicole Smith. (That’s a good thing, by the way.) Krista said: 

“The gay community has been so loving to her. I know that Anna Nicole Smith had a great rapport with the gay community, and I think they’ve been waiting to have someone they can connect with, and I think Courtney is that person. She is different and stands out. Frankly, we thought she’d fit in better in Hollywood.”

Frankly, I wish the gay community could adopt Courtney because clearly Krista has done a piss-poor parenting job. Where is Courtney’s dad in all this? I need answers. [The Daily Beast]