Woman Forced To Pay Rapist Ex Spousal Support

A California woman has been forced to pay her rapist — who happens to be her ex — a monthly living stipend. Say what?

Such is the ruling of a Judge Gregory Pollock.  Crystal Harris successfully convicted her ex-husband Shawn Harris of forced oral copulation and he is now serving time in prison.  But upon his release from jail, she’ll have to pay him $1,000 a month in alimony. Pollack cited Harris’ higher income — 11k a month —as the main reason. But in the state of California, attempted murder (!)  is the only crime that forgives the alimony program. (Harris, sensibly, wants to change that.)

On the night of the attack, Harris refused to engage in sex but her then-husband made it clear that no was not an option. He continuously pushed her head down to perform oral sex. Harris, under the guise of going to the bathroom (after much begging), grabbed a tape-recorder and captured the entire assault, during which he choked her as well. In his official defense, Shawn Harris claimed it was part of consensual power role-playing and “rough sex.” His testimony was turned down in light of his past domestic abuse and anger issues and the script of the tape, in which Chrystal said “no” 50 times.

Yeah, “consensual power role-playing” my ass. 

What do you think of an ex-spouse being forced to pay a rapist/sexual abuser alimony payments? Tell us in the comments.

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