Today’s Lady News: Woman Opens A Can Of Whoop-Ass On Subway Pervert

  • Shyane DeJesus, 22, a senior at City College in New York City, was waiting for the subway when she felt a man grope  her on the thigh and then shove his hand under her skirt. So Shyane started beating him about the head; when the subway arrived, the man jumped on it, and she followed him inside, where she kept punching him. He tried to get off at the next stop, so grabbed her Blackberry to snap pictures of his face to give to the cops. The guy is still on the loose, but maybe he’ll think twice about sexually assaulting another woman.  “I’m glad I fought back. I’m going to defend myself,” she told the New York Post. “I want him on the list for sex offenders.” Girl, I am so proud of you! [NY Post]
  • Uh oh, we’re all screwed: Women who have three to six glasses of wine a week, classified as light to medium drinkers, have a 15 percent higher chance of developing breast cancer than non-drinkers. [New York Daily News]
  • Sportscaster Alex Flanagan wonders when women will become regulars in NFL TV announcing booths. [USA Today]
  • The 6th annual Black Girls Rock! Awards Show airs this Sunday on BET, showcasing inspirational black women who deserve more time in the public eye.  []
  • Prime Minister Cameron suggests placing more women on governing boards of financial firms to reduce high salaries and bonuses. Ew. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Iranian  Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi urge women to publicly demand rights in uprisings across the Arab world. [Reuters]
  • The University of Toronto held a panel discussion on criminalizing the purchase, but not the sale, of sex work. [Tits & Sass]
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