7 Hair Masks To Save Your Winter Locks

Everyone thinks that summer’s the harshest time for hair–and it can be. But winter does it’s fair share of damage, too. When you least expect it, your bouncy, full locks can be destroyed by the whipping wind and dry air the colder months bring. With that in mind, we recommend you moisturize your hair just as you would your skin–with a rich and nutritive hair mask or serum at least once a week. It’ll keep your strands from becoming brittle and breaking, and help you increase the time between hair cuts. Which everybody likes.

Find out more about these awesome, restorative products after the jump.

1. Davines Nourishing Repairing Mask with Olive Butter repairs dry and damaged hair and restores softness and shine with its olive butter complex. Your hair will feel like butter–wait no, that’s gross. Your hair will feel soft and smooth and way more manageable thanks to its conditioning antioxidants. Yup. [Davines, $26]

2. Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask. Remember that time I did that Great Beauty Experiment That Was While Blonde Hair? I used this hair mask to keep my poor locks from straight up going on strike and falling out of my head. [Moroccanoil, $40]

3. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. This mask rescues and rehydrates even the driest of locks. [Drugstore.com, $5.99]

4. Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme is, pardon my French, la merde! All you need is a tiny quarter-size amount. Put it in a few minutes before you even step in the shower and let it work its calming, hydrating, softening magic. Since oil is basically just fat, if its kept in a too-cool place for too long, the Huile de Palme oil will harden into a solid. But a few minutes under a hot stream of water and it’s back to its liquid luxurious form.  [Leonor Greyl, $49]

5. Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme is not so much a hair mask as a regular ol’ conditioner that happens to have magical properties. You can use it as a hair mask in the shower simply by leaving it in for longer, and letting your locks soak up its potent combo of L-Amino Acids and amber scents. Yes, this stuff is redonkulously expensive, but isn’t having bouncy, full shiny locks WORTH IT? [Philip B, $150]

6. Klorane Intense Nutrition Repair Mask with Mango Butter. Hey, this stuff has mango butter in it. Mango butter! It’s also extremely moisturizing and revitalizing. You can’t beat that. [Folica, $26]

7. Fekkai Shea Butter Damage Protecting Hair Mask. Shea butter is a standard operating ingredient in body and face moisturizers, so it would make sense that it could be equally helpful to damaged hair follicles, too. This stuff is great for dry, coarse and styling-damaged hair.  [Fekkai, $30]