Tabloid Bombshell Smack Down: Which Headline Won?

Some weeks in the blogging world are known as “slow news weeks.” Those are weeks devoid of pregnancy announcements, sex scandals, and A-list divorces. And there are other weeks when tabloid stories are breaking like waves in a hurricane. Yesterday, we enjoyed a double story break with the announcement of the end of Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries and Jessica Simpson’s “mummy” confirmation. When big stories break, it’s always strategic. Whenever a celebrity wants to hide something, they make an official statement after the weeklies have dropped.  If they’re vying for media attention and blog love, they go public just in time for the story to make the cover of the upcoming issue. So it’s a gain a week, lose a week principle.

There’s a rumor that Kris Jenner encouraged Kim to file for divorce on Monday to get some extra ‘bloid love. No doubt Jessica Simpson was trying to do the same with her bump, which is so much more than a bump at this point. She looks like she’s about to pop. When two big stories break at once, one always comes out the the victor. In this case it was obviously the Kardashian divorce announcement. We know Jessica was jealous and just trying to steal Kim’s thunder. Keep on clicking to see our other competing ‘bloid headlines and our winning choices.