Shrewd New Marketing Scam: Male-Specific Nail Polishes

It seems like no corner of the beauty industry will be left unturned when it comes to finding ways to market to men. The newest beauty trend for guys? The MANicure. Yes, despite the fact that there’s absolutely nothing inherently gendered in nail polish colors, several companies have developed “man-friendly” polishes. A company annoyingly named Alphanail, for instance, claims that its line of fugly colors is “designed by men. Worn by warriors.” Oh, warriors, you say?

I’ve definitely gone to the salon with dudes and gotten pedicures or manicures and so it’s not particularly weird or revolutionary to me. But I will admit that I’d probably pre-judge a guy to be some kind of gothy weirdo for painting his nails. But no, they’re for regular guys, too. Explans Marco Berardini, founder of EvolutionMan Nail Varnish and Nail Paint, “I started our nail collection when a friend suggested I wear nail polish to stop my obsession with chewing on my nails. I realized how fun it was to do my nails.”

But, really, does this mean that — like man-specific body washes or moisturizers — men need their own polishes, too? [Allure]