Japanese Pop Stars Create App To Show What Your Babies Would Look Like Together

Stalking celebrities just got taken to another level with a creepy new app from the Japanese pop group AKB48. Their AKBaby app “creates” your baby with one of its pop stars (whom you may know, if not for their music, for their ostentatious matching outfits during performances). For a perplexingly steep $18 a month, you can access the app and download a photo of “your” baby and then … I dunno, look at it?

The creepiest part of it is an ad for the app, in which a singer from the group named Yuko Oshima poses nursing a baby alongside the headline, “Won’t you make a baby with me?” Hello! Please, please, please, Japan, don’t give The Pussycat Dolls any more terrible ideas. (And don’t give Amelia any ideas, either, because what her future child with Ryan Gosling would look like is a matter to which she’s already devoted considerable time.) [Japan Times]

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Image via JapanTimes.co.jp